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A collection of wonderful Japanese style knives supplied with wood styled or black grip handles.

The Samurai collection knives are weighted to give them a magnificent balance from tip to handle, and the blades although very strong in design are ultra thin, to allow faster, simple slicing and chopping. Each knife also has con-cave indentations on each side of the blade to help prevent food sticking to the blades when slicing. All slicing knives have a rocking action blade to make slicing at speed a simple action especially when mincing or dicing food.






"I have just used for the first time, very sharp, made slicing through uncooked chicken very easy."

Mikey Covill, customer.

"Set arrived today, very well presented very impressed with them...Thankyou."

James Ashton, customer.

"From start to finish fantastic service and communication. I would highly recommend the knife set to anyone."

Paul Tomlinson, customer.